Digital Assets Large Caps Tradable Index

This index is a subset of the 2100NEWS Large Cap Index (NWSL100). 2100NEWS Digital Assets Large Caps Tradable Index (NWSLT) was created and launched in 2019 to track and measure the performance and serve as benchmarks of the largest market capitalization digital assets by market capitalization, excluding Ether in real-time. NWSLT is not strongly correlated with NWST1100. The index is a market capitalization-weighted index, and a 20% limit is set on an individual constituent's weight. The capitalization of each member is calculated for each asset, then adjusted (DAOQE - orderbook quality evaluation ) to better reflect the publicly available amount (float).  Every asset will have a new weighting of the total index at each biweekly rebalance, and the constituent weighting is unchanged until the next rebalance.

2100NEWS is very excited to contribute to the evolution of the industry and build the series of indexes  that comply with the transparency, regulation and quality standards that the world's top institutions require.


In attached file we explain:

  • general principles
  • index rationale
  • methodology review policies
  • coverage
  • classifications
  • selection criteria
  • market capitalization and liquidity screening
  • index characteristics
  • market capitalization-weighted indices
  • selection lists
  • index review
  • buffers    
  • liquidity    
  • weighting factor
  • capping factors
  • index calculation
  • index rebalancing
  • disclaimer

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